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what is love poem

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Friday, June 17, 2011 | 7:22 AM

The beauty of a poem is that it does not always have to rhyme. It can be whatever you want, as long as you are really honest. Explain the poem is the feeling you get every time you see her face, how your heart pounds when he walked into the room, how every smile he gives remind you of a sunset. It all boils down to your own emotions. Try to be as clear as possible and read it over and over again until you feel that you are satisfied with what you write and put yourself into your partner's shoes and think if this will make your day if you have a poem of the same.

If you feel that your poem the words are dull and flat, then the perfect program for you to Microsoft Word. As most of you know, by right clicking on a word and rolling for synonyms, you may find words that will fit perfectly and best describe what you feel.

If you enjoy a good love poem please use this. If you have love you do not want to lose or you worry that you lose the love of your life then by all means use this poem on a card with flowers.
Ok, so maybe interest rates will help, too. Just remember the more serious the greater the bouquet should be! Seriously love so involved and when we feel we want to treasure it. If you have problems you may need to have a different perspective.

I believe there is strength in a love poem that good but I think maybe we could listen to suggestions from others just make sure it is well advised. Happiness and Love to all!
Descriptive poetry. Write a poem that describes the special people; hair, eyes, lips, skin, etc. This is a great way to give the image of people and to practice the imagery in your writing.
Word list. Make a list of words, just random words and then sit down and write a poem based around the words.

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