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Teenage Love Poems

Written By Unknown on Friday, June 17, 2011 | 5:32 PM

This is where the confusion arises when it can often explain the difference between the poetry of friendship and a love poem. Love poems most often the result of emotion, extreme robust, written expression of almost intangible sensation of love. On the other hand, friendship poetry more subdued, relying on personal references and expressions of concern. The difference is similar to what type of gift you would buy for a girlfriend or boyfriend as opposed to a roommate or childhood friends. One would hope they are not the same gift.

Great poets in history have made a habit of writing verses to each other in response to a number of personal relationships. That's how they pay homage to their closest friends. If someone might buy a gift for a friend today, Shakespeare would write that someone sonnet. Which is something Shakespeare did do on occasion. Sonnet 104, for example, talking to close friends with whom she treasures the three summers they spent together. Poem reads similar to many of his love sonnets, and in fact has been debated for some time because many people believe it's actually a love poem.

Everyone has different answers even though the scientific community will not be with the community, as well as the author of the verses sad time soon, they can come to one thing and that is 'pathetic verse is very common'. However, the poem about the sadness and pain going into some of the greatest poetry ever created and can certainly be an enjoyable reading. That is if you just adopt the right approach to them in the first place.

The first step to enjoy every poem that is sad to observe that it is a sad poem. Everyone feels depressed, despair and weakness in some times and in touch with their own way. But for the poet, is best expressed in words. Thus, the poem is actually a diary sad emotions that have plagued the poet for some time.

Some of the world's most beautiful writing has been made in the form of sad love poems. Throughout history, famous writers and anonymous lovers alike have used poetry to express their grief at their separation or grief due to loss of true love. Great generals have written home to their beloved wives in words that still melts the heart today, hundreds of years later. You can also touch the hearts of your loved one by writing love poetry to share your deepest emotions.

No big secret to write sad love poems, and you do not need special training in creative writing. All you need is inside you - let the words in your heart flow through you, and you will truly touch your loved ones.
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