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Simple Love Poems

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | 8:24 AM

long-distance relationships are tough. You can not hold each other, you can not kiss each other, and you can not go on dates together. This can be an almost impossible task for many people, but by what right mindset is possible.

Expressing your love is one of the most important part of any relationship but especially when they are long distance. In this case, you can not show you love each other with hugs, kisses, holding hands, or even with a sweet smile. Showing your love in other ways are needed to maintain a stable relationship. If not, problems may arise.

One way to show your love is by writing poetry. Poetry provides a variety of incredible emotions, objects, and word play to your disposal. You can write about your love in a simple way the notes and letters can not be achieved. With poetry, the blockade only you are your mind.

Putting feelings or emotions on paper is not easy. Write a love poem that involves speaking what is in our hearts and communicate it to your partner. Keep it simple. You do not need a dictionary or the help to say what you want. Simply write from the heart. Word of advice: do not borrow a poem you have read from somewhere else. Chances are you'll get a great idea and will not have the same effect as you write from your heart.

Cheap romantic ideas can also help you to keep love burning embers. simple ideas often work best. A simple picnic to you both, take a walk, a passionate love at places unusual, these are all ideas for romance. Keeping things magical and exciting for both of you. Spontaneity is good and you can think up things that your partner will find enjoyable.

Once you truly believe what you want to say with love poems that you choose, you must decide which poems best represent your feelings. For that, you should know who the poet's love is the greatest of all time.

One of the most frequently cited author of love poems is William Shakespeare. In fact, everything Shakespeare wrote was written in verse, including many of his plays. However, his sonnets you'll want to check out for those gold nuggets poetic. Read Shakespeare's love poems carefully as not all of the 154 sonnets are directed to a loved one happy
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