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Love Poems For Wife

Written By Unknown on Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 7:17 AM

There are dozens of poets who have written a special poem for a birthday. Some of the most famous, to give you an idea of ​​what the famous wordsmiths gave to their wives and husbands include touching declarations of love on anniversaries, the days after a new marriage or just because they want to say "I love you."

From the Romantic and Victorian poets by whom so many of us know a romantic poem is written, "Marriage Morning" Alfred Lord Tennyson is a prime example of this type of poem birthday wife would surely love to receive. Describing the interminable nature of love, Tennyson describes marriage as the culmination of his life's work.

Emily Bronte's poem "Love and Friendship", while never directly speaking of marriage "describes the intertwined nature of love and friendship and how they eat each other, creating a strong entity and a short poem. Generating a simple image of a rose shrub and tree holly comingling, but speaks volumes of the love she had for her husband and family.

Hello friends. Do you enjoy a short love poem? Have you ever fallen in love with a stranger even before talking to him / her? If you have, then we are on the same boat. I once saw a girl on the street at random and I just fell in love with right there and then. I can not explain why, I just did! This is one of the short love poems I wrote about meeting a girl on the streets that I immediately felt the communication to. This is it;

I just remember this girl I see, she's so pretty all I can only mengatakan''''Whoa. I find myself following runs gracefully from the top head to toe. I could not move though, because he was with a woman who looked like he could attack me with a crossbow. I was in suspended animation, because he has attracted my attention, I was almost caught in precarious situations. As I walked to get a car, the figure of his last funny from far away, because he had disappeared into the masses like the sun is a star. As I sat meditating on the bus, suddenly appeared from nowhere striking as a tattoo. Just as he makes his way to an empty seat next to me, others rushed in and took my leave with a bad feeling as if I had been stung by a bee! I thought then that I would not see again, he's stuck in my mind just as stubborn stains. However, when I'm at the barber shop while looking out the window .................... I suddenly woke up from my bed and hit my head. No other dream AGAIN!
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