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Three Commentaries on Poetry: To understand some poetry, or poets, one must have experienced what the poet has-identical experiences; or you must be shaped like the poet-, the exceptions are from the old school of poetry-one shoe fits all (thus, understanding the theme, plot and insight of poetry becomes much easier); from the contemporary scene, you must have the same shoe size of the poet to understand where the poet is leading you, and in poetry the poet should have a destination for the reader-lest he doesn't care (and he should).

Poems about John the Apostle (Poems I, II, & III) Version en Ingles 1) To Gain Access to the Father (John the Apostle) - Poem I To make the invisible, visible (within the eyes of the mind, heart and soul) John the Apostle, the perpetual wayfarer and Theologian reveals to man: First he must form a relationship with Jesus ((the true vine) (man being the branches)) Before he gains...

Love and its attendant passions has been the favorite subject of Spanish poetry since the time of the troubadours, medieval poets who earned their keep by singing for the people at the village square or for the nobility during royal gatherings at the palace. Composers in their own right, these court poets sang about courtly love and the bittersweet pain of unattained love for an idealized woman using the jarchas, a form of love song that was actually poetry written in very short stanzas.

Here is a poem on the Satipo Jungle of Peru, we have some land in the jungle, and it is about 300-miles from the Andes, from Hauncayo, Peru, where Dennis will be going in March. He will go back for the 9th time to Peru, to the Andes, spend some time in Satipo, and then back to Lima, and then perhaps to Spain, where he was back in l997; I have been to Europe a number of times, but not to Spain, so this will be great, if we do really go, he is also talking about the Falklands, so who knows. But I'd go anywhere, anytime anyplace with him, he is one big adventure, no matter where he's at. So please enjoy his poem, I did. It is in three parts, but you do not have to wait for them,they are all here.
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