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Long Distance Love Poems

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 | 9:08 AM

That's the question I asked myself a few years ago when I was doing business in Malaysia and meet these wonderful people from the Netherlands, do some research biochemist in there too.

We started seeing each other in Malaysia and we instantly had a connection. Since we both have to go back to our country, we were on different continents there. So from that point on, it's an honest challenge to keep our love and a strong passion for one year, see each other only on the leisure opportunities on and off, until finally he can switch careers and move to America to live together.

Because based on personal experience, I truly believe it is by all means possible to keep the flame alive when you are dating someone long distance. You just need to know a few insider tips and secrets to make your long distance relationship with a happy end. Here are the top 3 tips to help you ...

She woke up too late, around 01:00. He was so lazy to move. He just poured black coffee and he was not even hungry. He was not even in the mood to go out. Mark says that he will be online around 17:00 the time, so he just opened the YM and wait for him to go online while watching the movie "Unfaithful" on DVD. The film made him watch the heat. The story was about a married woman who had an affair with a younger man. He considers himself a young Lebanese man. She found herself smiling and liked the idea of ​​having hot sex with him. His heart jumped when he heard the buzz. She is now online and this time he invited her to view her webcam. He saw, he was really that guy in the picture. He was not wearing a shirt, then he saw the muscular body. This guy is so hot, she likes to flirt with him.

He felt something unusual with her body as well, tingling sensation. He took the boxers off, exposing himself and the cam is positioned to focus on the toy hard and said that she felt so horny, she wanted so badly and asked him to open the webcam too. But he refused. He was not ready for this. He was very new to this. He thinks that, sure this should be what they call cyber sex. He was in the country for four months now, and Vanessa are very sexually active women like Samantha character in "Sex And The City" TV sitcom, started to wonder about this. Her mind thinks to himself, it would not do it because their loss though miles apart, he did not touch him physically. He was tempted, he needed some kind of feelings and sensations, he had no choice but to watch a man who is a stranger to him.

But Armando Patricia called only once, when he arrived in Spain. For several days, Patricia desperately waiting for the next call or letter from him ... One week has passed-by, and then back in a week ... but still, Patricia had never heard from him. He panicked and called her every day. She wrote her religion, but the mail was never been answered by Armando.

Until one day, after three weeks, Armando was finally written, "Dear Patricia, I am very sorry. It's not your fault and there's nothing wrong with you at all ... It's just that, our relationship did not work for me. Please forgive me Would you still be my friend? Armando "Ouch! That's terrible. I was really upset and bugged, when Patricia told me what happened with the relationship with Armando.
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