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In Love Poems

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Friday, July 8, 2011 | 6:49 AM

Love stories. True love poems. I love poetry. Around the world, people fall in love. And the whole world, people feel the need to put feelings into words.

Sometimes poetry is romantic poetry. Sometimes they are passionate and urgent. Sometimes they are soft and sexy erotic poetry.

Writing a book is a great miracle. However, writing something more than just a book is always a personal satisfaction. I've been a lover of romantic poetry and I was always influenced by it. The combination of reading and writing love poetry has allowed me to share a special love poem, which can win hearts. Romance or love poetry can be a wonderful gift for your "someone special."

However, traditional love poetry can become monotonous. You need to have something unique and still serve the purpose. Creativity is always appreciated.

Love is the touch of the most beautiful on earth makes people unite and create a sense of brotherhood among all to live in peace. Exceptions will only be the mind of Satan. Ancient literature shows that love poetry is the best way to express or share feelings to other people. It requires no talent at birth was just a work sense of love that will make you walk hand with pen on paper. It is a stream of literature, words expressive with some sentimental movement which runs in your heart. When you share your thoughts moving in your mind or heart on a piece of paper in the format they love poem became the words are powerful. A love poem known since historic times.

There are various types of poetry such as hate poetry, romantic poems, friendship poems, love poems are sweet and plentiful. Basically it depends on the poet or the individual who has become a poet of love as the case may be. When someone expresses himself in a love poem sometimes sounds very pleasant and can sometimes blow out of proportion. On top of that, when someone writes poetry and if he / she has lost in love, still want love or dealing with negative feelings such as betrayal of love will show the shattered dreams, through the pain. On the other hand, those who are in love or happy married life these positive feelings will show commitment, loyalty to your partner and indirectly really dedicate yourself to your love.

One of the famous poet named Emily Watson, Christopher Marlowe, Joyce Kilmer, Emily Dickinson and a few others again. They are known for their works of poetry based on love, romance or friendship. The heart is the birth place of love and so the words that come from within the heart generally touching the person. Turned out to be a great poet, a poet and a person becomes a poet. It is equally important that you should be able to express your love poem for your special someone as a person whose sole reason behind your work. Generally it is said there is a fair chance to write love poems for men love someone from the core of their hearts. This is a way of expressing or sharing your feelings in written form.
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