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Relationship Is Not Just Holding Hands

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 2:47 AM

Although it has become almost extinct, holding hands is a timeless display of affection. Holding someone's hands is an outward expression of love, protection and commitment. This once popular public display is rarely seen in today's society. Holding hands used to have a wide appeal, couples from puppy love to their golden years; sent a message to onlookers that they are in love. When you hold someone's hands it is neither offensive nor suggestive when done in public. If given a rating it would be rated "G", good for everyone. Onlookers wouldn't suggest that the couple's behavior is inappropriate.

The question I would pose is "why aren't many couples holding hands in public anymore?" Has it gone out of style? Have many Americans gotten so distracted with the day to day routine they don't have time? Are we so extreme that it's become too innocent? Are couples no longer willing to declare they are committed? What is the reason more people don't hold hands? Couples kissing and touching each other inappropriately in public has increased. Hand holding has more than just romantic significance, such as; holding someone's hand to guide them through a crowd. Parents hold the hand of a small child do so for guidance and protection. Whatever the reason for hand holding, the sense of touch satisfies the human need for acceptance. Not to mention it's emotionally comforting for both parties.

A simple act as taking someone by the hand can help maintain passion in a marriage. In the beginning many couples hold hands. However, as time goes by they tend to lose some of the simple acts of affection. I think holding hands is emotionally helps bonds two people together and therefore will never be out of style. In my opinion, the silent message holding hands expresses, is I love you, I'm committed to you and I don't mind if others know this. It also says I'm attracted to you and I'm aware of your presence. If your marriage relationship has lost some of its flavor, I suggest you make it a point to hold hands on a regular basis. This might be just what is needed to rekindle the sparks in your marriage. The next time you are out with your spouse grab hold of his or her hand as you walk along. Holding hands alone is not the only remedy to romance, but it sure is a good place to start!.
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